Whipped cream


Making whipped cream is no rocket science. But I have failed at it a couple of times. I am sharing some tips and tricks here for a foolproof whipped cream.
1. Use full fat cream. Low fat ones will not be able to incorporate air.
2. Right from the cream to the bowl, the spatulas, and the whisk attachment must be kept in the freezer for about an hour till its ice cold.
3. Do not over whisk the cream, it’ll turn into butter. Keep an eye on the cream, especially once it has formed soft peaks. Stop as soon as it reaches stiff peaks.

Cold whipped cream in a cold bowl
Add in the powdered sugar and give it a quick mix
Beat on low speed gradually increasing the speed to high



Heavy whipping cream- 1 cup
confectioners sugar- 2 teaspoons – 1/4 cup (depending on your taste preference)

In a bowl, add in the heavy whipping cream and the confectioners sugar. Give it a quick mix. Whip on slow sleep first, gradually increasing the speed to full till you reach the required peck, soft or stiff. Chill it in the refrigerator for an hour or to before using it.


1. For the banoffee pie, use 2 teaspoons of confectioners sugar only. Otherwise the dessert becomes too sweet.

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