Chocolate fudge

I cannot take any credit for this chocolate fudge recipe. All credit goes to my grandmother and her sister. They make the best homemade chocolates. Their recipes don’t have precise measures. Instead of cups, grams and litres, they go by “handful”, “a little more than a handful”, a dash and so on. Yet, somehow they manage to get the same consistent delicious taste each time. I sometimes can’t be consistent with precise measurements. If anything, this recipe is my grandma’s chocolate gone wrong. But nevertheless, it tastes amazing. I shall share my grandmother’s recipe when I get it from her.

Our recipes have the same ingredients and follow the same procedure. But the quantities vary. Again, I’ll post the other recipe as soon as i get it. The difference between my recipe and her recipe is that hers is more chocolate like, hard but melts in your mouth, really sweet, but some how balances perfectly with the bitterness in the cocoa. My recipe will melt in your mouth too, is more chewy and fudgy, less sweet. It is more like a truffle.

In this post, lets focus on my recipe. Its pretty simple. You only need a few ingredients.

Ingredients: cocoa powder, sugar, milk powder, butter, water

You need to first bring the sugar and water to a boil, and let it continue boiling till it reaches a syrupy consistency.

Sugar goes into the saucepan
Then goes in the water.

While the sugar mixture is boiling, sieve together the milk powder and cocoa.

Sieved mixture

Once you achieve the syrupy consistency, add the milk powder and cocoa powder mixture to this and stir until it is combined. How you know it has reached the perfect consistency is that when you press a little bit between your fingers, it feels very sticky. It took me 7 mins once the sugar and water came to a boil.

The syrup is ready when it feels sticky between your fingers
Add in the cocoa- milk powder mix
Stir to combine

The secret behind this is the butter. Add in lots of butter. Stir on low for 3-4 minutes.

Add in butter in 4-5 additions
Mixture looks very shiny once everything is combined

Pour it in a buttered and lined baking tray and let it set. Well, or not, have it right away.

Set in a buttered and lined baking tray



Time: 20 mins
Makes – 3 cups of chocolate

Sugar – 1.5 cups
Water – 2 cups
Cocoa powder – 1 cup
milk powder – 2 cups
Butter – 75 grams

To make the sugar syrup, in a saucepan mix together the water and sugar. Bring it to a boil. Let it boil on high for about 8 mins or until the syrup, when pressed between two fingers feels sticky.

Meanwhile, sieve together the cocoa powder and milk powder. Mix it with the sugar syrup. Stir to combine

Add in the butter, a few tablespoons at a time and stir to combine. Stir for 3-4 mins till everything comes together and forms thick shiny chocolate lava like consistency.

Pour it in a buttered lined baking tray and set till it coms to room temperature. White its setting, you can add toppings like roasted almonds, orange zest, butterscotch, etc, or keep it plain, which is what I do. Cut them into squares or shape them into truffle sized balls and serve

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