All about my banana bread test batch 1

Never did I think bananas would end up being one of my ingredients for baking. I have so many banana desserts lined up already. I made my first banana bread a few months ago and loved it. Recently I had the famous banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery and even thought I didn’t love the over ripeness of the banana in it, I really liked the idea of banana in puddings. So I definitely do want to try a version of that. I also made my first bananas bread test recipe without cocoa and I must say I was really happy it, although I would change a few things in my second test batch. There are a few more banana desserts on my mind.

My favourite banana breads are those that are moist, but not cake like nor bread like. They have beautifully firm yet light crumbs. I love adding chocolate to my banana bread because I feel it brings down the sometimes overpowering banana flavour. And also, chocolate makes everything better. I always end up adding cocoa powder to my banana bread. I will share that recipe soon. This is my first batch without cocoa and I must say, I was really pleased with the outcome.


For my first test batch, I decided to use whatever ingredients I had at home. I decided to make an oil based banana bread. I find butter had its own depth of flavour and I did not want any butter flavour in my final dish. I used sunflower oil. I also used all purpose flour, soda bicarbonate, white caster sugar as well as brown sugar, not too ripe bananas and eggs. That made up the base banana bread. I used walnuts because I love walnuts in banana breads, white chocolate chips, because I did not have dark chocolate chips and butterscotch pearls because I had some left for another desert that I made earlier. For additional flavouring, I used vanilla and cinnamon.

I started off by beating the eggs and the sugars with my electric hand beater, for about 4-5 minutes till it came to a ribbon stage.


I then added the oil, little by little, while the beater running without deflating the egg mixture.

Oil is added little by little

In a separate bowl, I whisked together the flour, soda bicarb, salt and cinnamon and set that aside.


I microwaved the bananas for a minute because they weren’t too ripe and it would be hard to mash them.


I Mashed the cooled bananas, added the chocolate chips and the butterscotch pearls and mixed this in with the egg mixture.


Finally I folded in the flour mix and baked it in a loaf tin for about 48 minutes.

Ready to bake

The resulting banana bread was beautifully caramelised on top. It has a crunchy top. the inside was perfectly moist. It had the crumbs I as looking for and every slice had walnut pieces. Coming to the taste, I was very happy with how soft it was. The banana flavour could have been more prominent. The cake could have been a bit more sweet, but I guess  using riper bananas will fix that. The cinnamon flavour just did not come through. Overall, I was more than happy with the base banana bread but in my next batch I would want to enhance the banana flavour and definitely stick to dark chocolate chips.


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