Cinnamon Buns- Test batch no- 1

I have always loved cinnamon buns. But making bread has always been daunting for me. When I saw this crazy bread dough on I finally decided to give cinnamon buns a shot. This dough basically can be used for anything right from white bread to pizza base or for rolls like cinnamon rolls like these.

So I checked out the recipe. Seemed pretty easy. I changed a few things here and there while I was making the buns. For me, I have never come across a bread dough recipe which has exact precise measurements. I always end up adding more flour, or milk, or kneading it for more time than it says. Bread recipe always need to be adapted to the kind of ingredients you have and the kind of environment your working in.

Lets start with the filling. The filling that I made was pretty easy. Butter, confectioners sugar and cinnamon powder. First of all, I think this will be pretty obvious, for great cinnamon buns you need great cinnamon powder. Since this was just my first try, I didn’t go for the expensive amazing quality cinnamon powder. So that affected the taste of these buns. But I think for my next recipe ill keep the recipe the same, just get better quality cinnamon. Or maybe reduce the butter a little because a did see some butter ooze out while baking. It did get soaked into the bread. So it ended up having this rich buttery taste.

Now, the Crazy bread dough. I started off with a teaspoon yeast, 2 tablespoons sugar and 1/2 cups milk, waited for the yeast to activate.

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The dry ingredients included 2 cups flour, a quarter teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon baking powder. I added the activated yeast to the dry ingredients mixed together in another bowl. Then mixed in the yogurt. I didn’t want to add egg, which was in the recipe on her website. It did mention to add more milk to replace the milk. It formed a very sticky dough.

I decided to knead it to activate the gluten. I knead for 10 mins with my electric hand blender with the dough hook attachment. After 10 minutes the dough was really smooth but still sticky and I could barely bring it together to form a ball. I let it proof for 1 hour.

After 1 hour it had tripled in size. I then knocked out the air. I had to add an additional 1/4th cup flour to make it more manageable, as the dough was very sticky.

With a rolling pin, I spread it to 2 cm thick. This is a messy process. There was flour everywhere.

After this, I put the cinnamon layer on top, rolled it, and cut it onto 12 pinwheels.

Placed it in the baking tray which was buttered and let it proof for the second time for 1 more hour.


Once these had doubled in size, I baked them for 35 minutes at a preheated 180 degrees.

The resulting cinnamon roll looked flat. I hadn’t placed them close enough. The idea behind that was that I wanted the crispy crust on all the sides, so I did not want them to touch each other while they were proofing. Rookie mistake. The filing tasted amazing. The bread was soft, although the yogurt flavour was way too prominent and it had absorbed too much butter from the filling. The next batch will surely have lesser butter and yogurt. I can’t wait for my second test batch.



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