Chai Panna Cotta

I keep seeing a lot of fusion desserts online. So I thought ill give one a try myself. Chai desserts are pretty famous. As a chai lover, I thought I’ll knock this out of the park. I like my chai plain, without any spices. But I know a lot of chai drinkers like ginger and other spices like cinnamon and cardamom in it. My dessert was inspired from a masala chai, because a plain chai dessert would be boring.

The concept I tried to create was chai and biscuit. Started of with a basic Panna Cotta. But I infused the milk mixture with tea, ginger, a clove, cinnamon and cardamom.

The gelatine was left in cold water to bloom as usual.

Once the tea infused milk mixture came to a boil, I mixed it with the cold bloomed gelatine. Poured it into the moulds and let it set in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, I made the crumble. The crumble was just crushed biscuits, some ghee and sugar. Baked it for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

I also wanted to make a sauce, without which a Panna cotta is not complete. So i made a simple white chocolate ganache sauce with some spices in it.

Once I had all the components ready, the assembling part was pretty easy. The Panna Cotta set beautifully. Had the cutest jiggle to it. The biscuit crumble was crunchy and perfectly sweet. And the ganache tasted really nice with a good hit of cinnamon.


Taste: Umm! I took a first bite and it reminded me of the time when I made tea for myself and it had too much milk. What I forgot was that I hate a lot of milk in my tea. And a Panna Cotta is the epitome of creaminess. so that really clashed there. Also, the tea flavour was too much for me. I didn’t hate the dish, I found myself going back to take a few more bites with the ganache and the biscuit crumbs. I was left a bit confused about whether I like it or not.  I decided to do a little tasting. The result was positive. Everyone seemed to like it, but one common negative was the bitter taste of the tea that had infused into the milk mixture.


I don’t know if I will continue variations in this recipe. Maybe I’ll make a milk pudding which is much lighter than a Panna Cotta. But i definitely do want to try more fusion recipes. This test kitchen recipe was a lot of fun to try.

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