Pizza Toppings

There are the usual classics Margherita Pizzas and pepperonis. Then there are Freak shakes of the Pizza worlds with All sorts of combinations of vegetables and meat. These pizza toppings fall in between the classic and the latter.

The Veg tikka pizza is made of two components other than the pizza base and the cheese which is common for all pizzas. The two components are 1. the topping which is marinated veg tikka and 2. the tikka sauce instead of the regular tomato sauce. For the marinated veggies, combine all of the ingredients for the marinade and mix with the vegetables. The vegetables can be anything of your choice, right from a basic tomato to eggplant. Eggplants also make great pizza toppings. The tikka sauce is a tangy tomato based creamy sauce that goes perfectly well with the toppings and the overall theme of the pizza. Recipe here.

The Mushroom and onion pizza leans more towards a classic. There is the classic tomato sauce, and then there are the simply sauteed mushrooms and of course, some variations of onions, sauteed, caramelised and raw. This pizza is flavour packed and you cannot get enough with just a slice. Recipe here.

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