Strawberry Ice cream batch 1

It’s summer and what’s better than ice cream? Homemade ice cream! And bonus, it’s Strawberry season. I loved watching Ben Ungerman on MasterChef Australia, making ice creams out of anything and everything. Ice creams seem pretty simple to make. But they’re extremely complicated and scientific.

I have made the 2 ingredient and the eggless ice creams with condensed milk. The 2 ingredients are basically whipped cream and fruit. So technically it’s not ice cream. The condensed milk version is tasty, but I wanted to try the creamy custard ice cream.

I made the ice cream with a custard base and mixed in fresh strawberry puree to it. The ingredients I used for the ice cream are pretty simple- eggs, egg yolk, cream, sugar, strawberries, vanilla, corn flour, whipped cream.


I made the custard with the above ingredients by whisking the ingredients on a double boiler until it became thick and custard-like. I cooled it down in the refrigerator before folding in the whipped cream and strawberry puree and then set in it in the freezer for a couple of hours.


After 3 hours, I whisked the ice cream for 2 minutes on high and places it back in the freezer. I repeated this process 2 times in total and left it in the freezer overnight. I did add a little bit of strawberry puree (after the second whisking) that was left over to the ice cream to give a few strawberries ripples.


The next day, the ice cream was set very hard. I left it out on the counter for 10 minutes after which it became softer. While scooping the ice cream, I could feel the ice crystals. I thought I did everything right, but clearly, I didn’t. So that’s about the texture in my first batch of ice creams. It was almost smooth, but the ice crystals ruined it.


The flavour- It was good. It had so much strawberry flavour, although, it could have had more sugar. I did accompany the ice cream with some homemade ice cream cones, strawberry jelly, strawberry compote and some toasted meringues which were sweet enough to balance out the ice cream.


I think I learnt the most from this strawberry ice cream experiment. There are so many problems that can arise-

  • Ice cream must be smooth and airy, but not too airy that the ice forms in the ice cream.
  • Ice crystals must from in ice cream, but they shouldn’t be big.
  • There are so many ways large ice crystals can form in an ice cream leading to icy unpleasant ice cream.
  • Flavour is important, but when it comes to ice cream, the most important aspect to ace first is the texture- to keep it as smooth as possible.
  • The ice cream needs to have the right amount of sugar- too less and the ice cream is icy, too much and the ice cream won’t set.
  • It also needs to be frozen at the minimum temperature. Cooler the freezer, smaller the ice crystals.

For the ice cream cones, all I did was mix some caster sugar, egg whites, flour, vanilla, milk and melted butter. I baked them after resting the batter for an hour at 220 Degrees C for 8 minutes.  They came out well, except they hardened before I could shape them.


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