This is a much-needed summer dip. This is a yoghurt cucumber dip that goes well with just about anything, as a spread on bread, as a dip for onion rings or anything fried, with raw vegetables or as a spread on wraps too. It is super tangy and creamy from the yogurt and lemon. Packed with flavour with the mint and garlic. And has abundant freshness too. It’s a pretty simple one bowl dip that requires only adding and mixing. The only prep here would be to grate the cucumber and strain the water from the cucumber away, which doesn’t require a lot of labour, except for 15- 20 minutes of waiting time.

The first and only step is to mix together all the ingredients well and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes before using. This allows the garlic for infusing well and the flavour mixes throughout.


Hung Curd/ Yogurt- 1 Cup
Cucumber- 1 Large (Grated and strained completely)
Garlic- 2 small cloves
Lemon juice- 2 – 3 Teaspoons
Mint leaves- a small bunch
Salt and Pepper

Mix everything and refrigerate for 20 minutes

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