Deep Fried Sardines

I will keep the description short for this one. These are super crispy, spicy and juicy inside. They take 30 minutes or less to make, including the marination time. They go really well plain rice and a mild curry. I love to include this when im having this fish curry.


To make the marinade, mix the ingredients in a blender and make a very smooth paste.

Apply this paste to the cleaned dry (Patted dry) fish and let it sit while you heat the oil.

When the oil heats up, add the rice powder to the fish and deep fry a few at a time, not overcrowding the pan.

Setve with a lemon half and some pickled vegetables.



Sardines- 300 Grams
Chilli powder- 8 Teaspoon
Pepper- 3/4 Teaspoon
Garlic- 3 Cloves
Shallots- 4-5
Ginger- 1/2 Inch
Salt- 1 1/2 Teaspoon
Rice powder- 2 Tablespoons

To serve-
Lemon slice
Pickled vegetables

To make the marinade, add chilli powder, pepper, garlic, shallots and ginger in a blender and make a very smooth paste. You can add upto 3 tablespoons of water to get the smooth consistency.

Apply this to the fish and keep aside for 15 minutes. Mealwhile, heat oil in a pan for deep frying.

Once the fish has rested, add the rice powder and deep fry for 5-6 minutes.

Serve with lemon slice and pickled vegetables.

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