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Small Batch Triple Chocolate Muffins

Whats for breakfast? These muffins are quick and easy to make and the result is just amazing. They're moist, chocolatey, and great as an on the go meal. They are pretty filling. The chocolate chips melt and form small pockets full of chocolate sauce. They don't take much time in the oven like normal muffins… Continue reading Small Batch Triple Chocolate Muffins


Vanilla Buttercream

Buttercream is basically three ingredients- Sugar, butter and a liquid- milk or heavy cream. And then there are flavourings like vanilla and cocoa. But what makes a buttercream are the three ingredients. If the proportion of butter and powdered sugar is not right, the buttercream ends up being pasty or too sweet or too runny… Continue reading Vanilla Buttercream


Flourless Nutella Cake

I haven't met a single person who doesn't like Nutella. Nutella is god's gift to mankind. I don't think I've liked nut butters so much. So heavenly! Other than eating it directly from the jar, there are so many things one can do with Nutella. In the Season 10 of Masterchef Australia, Matt Preston demonstrated… Continue reading Flourless Nutella Cake


Lemon Cake with Passion fruit syrup

I Love Donna hay. I loved watching her shows in television. Her test kitchen, oh so beautiful! She makes cooking look so easy. Her recipes in general are pretty simple and straight forward. My aunt had given me 2 dozen passionfruit. And coincidently I came across this lemon cake with passionfruit syrup by Donna Hay… Continue reading Lemon Cake with Passion fruit syrup