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Small Batch Triple Chocolate Muffins

Whats for breakfast? These muffins are quick and easy to make and the result is just amazing. They're moist, chocolatey, and great as an on the go meal. They are pretty filling. The chocolate chips melt and form small pockets full of chocolate sauce. They don't take much time in the oven like normal muffins… Continue reading Small Batch Triple Chocolate Muffins

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The Best Chocolate​ Pudding

This dessert is literally decadence in a bowl. It is really really easy to make, could not stress enough. It tastes great hot, warm, at room temperature or cold. And it's one bowl and microwavable. I don't think I could pitch this dessert. So if you haven't decided to make this yet, I'm also throwing in… Continue reading The Best Chocolate​ Pudding


Vanilla Buttercream

Buttercream is basically three ingredients- Sugar, butter and a liquid- milk or heavy cream. And then there are flavourings like vanilla and cocoa. But what makes a buttercream are the three ingredients. If the proportion of butter and powdered sugar is not right, the buttercream ends up being pasty or too sweet or too runny… Continue reading Vanilla Buttercream


Vanilla Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes are the most basic, yet, I find it very difficult to get one recipe that gives me the perfect vanilla cupcakes. To me, most importantly, a vanilla cupcake should have a very pronounced vanilla flavour. The vanilla flavour is usually an undertone. So its very difficult to bring it out as a primary… Continue reading Vanilla Cupcakes


White chocolate mousse

My determination to make white chocolate mousse rose when I decided to make a white chocolate mousse cake for my birthday. Milk chocolate has always, and will always be my favourite. But lately, I find myself drawn to white chocolate. The combination of white chocolate, whipped cream and almonds sounded really good to me. So… Continue reading White chocolate mousse


Flourless Nutella Cake

I haven't met a single person who doesn't like Nutella. Nutella is god's gift to mankind. I don't think I've liked nut butters so much. So heavenly! Other than eating it directly from the jar, there are so many things one can do with Nutella. In the Season 10 of Masterchef Australia, Matt Preston demonstrated… Continue reading Flourless Nutella Cake