Mughlai Paneer

Mughlai paneer is one of my favourite dishes. I might be saying that about too many dishes, but this one is truly my favourite dishes. But I've always been a sucker for white marinades. Afghani, Malai, Mughlai, kormas and the list goes on.  It's like a hug in a plate filled with nutrition and a… Continue reading Mughlai Paneer

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Easy Onion Fritters

Quarantine days are just making me fat. All I can think about is deep-frying stuff.  These super easy onion fritters are so easy to make and you can pretty much add anything to it to change the taste. It's such a versatile recipe. I love adding Indian spices to this, but I have also tried… Continue reading Easy Onion Fritters

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Fish Mango Curry

Every family in Kerala will have their own recipe for a Fish Mango Curry. The type of fish used may vary, but a good Fish mango curry is a staple in every household. I was not introduced to it until recently when my mother made it at home. I had the freshly made coconut flavoured… Continue reading Fish Mango Curry

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Mango Jelly

It is finally mango season here. I love mangoes. I cannot wait to cook with mangoes. So many recipes running in my mind already. For now, here is a very simple Mango jelly recipe that I used for my Sticky rice and Mango dessert. I will share the recipe for that too, very soon. Combine… Continue reading Mango Jelly

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The Best Chocolate​ Pudding

This dessert is literally decadence in a bowl. It is really really easy to make, could not stress enough. It tastes great hot, warm, at room temperature or cold. And it's one bowl and microwavable. I don't think I could pitch this dessert. So if you haven't decided to make this yet, I'm also throwing in… Continue reading The Best Chocolate​ Pudding

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Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken Souvlaki is not as complicated as it sounds at all. I was first a little intimidated by the name. But this dish is Yum! and so simple. Its a great recipe for beginners in chicken. You could also switch the proteins to other meats easily. It has a very simple marinade. It helps tenderize… Continue reading Chicken Souvlaki