Malai Prawn Tikka

I love Malai anything. There is something about the white marinade. Looks so mild and delicate, but is packed with flavour. The resulting dish is mostly very creamy and leaves you wondering what adds to the creaminess. Most often, its cooked onion or cashews that do the job. Sometimes its even almonds or poppy seeds.… Continue reading Malai Prawn Tikka


Multigrain Pizza dough

Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizzas!! The overloaded cheese, that thick tangy tomato sauce at the bottom and that seriously unhealthy buttery pizza base that’ll make you fat by just looking at it! Yum! The fillings are endless. Grilled chicken, seafood, paneer, marinated mushrooms, sweet corn, paprika, pineapple. Sometimes, just a simple cheese pizza will also… Continue reading Multigrain Pizza dough


Easy sweet chilli dip

Recipe: Olive oil- 2 tablespoons Garlic- 5 cloves Chilli flakes- 1 tablespoon ( Lesser if you don't want it spicy) Red chilli or Sriracha sauce- 2 tablespoons Honey- 2 tablespoons Salt- 1 teaspoon Water- 1/2 cup Cornflour- 1 teaspoon Sauté the garlic in some olive oil Add in the chilli flakes and sauté for a… Continue reading Easy sweet chilli dip


Pumpkin and walnut soup

"To feel safe and warm on a cold wet night, all you really need is soup" - Laurie Colwin Soups are extremely easy to make. They're so wholesome and celebrate the ingredients in them. In this case, the soup celebrates the humble pumpkin. This soup brings out the sweetness in the pumpkin. A hot bowl… Continue reading Pumpkin and walnut soup


Roasted baby potatoes

You should really try this tandoori masala recipe. Then you can make these delectable roasted baby potatoes. When I was making it, I didn't think they'll be this good! They're great to just snack on during a movie or with some tea. They're delicious on salads. I imagine they'd be great with some tandoori chicken… Continue reading Roasted baby potatoes