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The Best Chocolate​ Pudding

This dessert is literally decadence in a bowl. It is really really easy to make, could not stress enough. It tastes great hot, warm, at room temperature or cold. And it's one bowl and microwavable. I don't think I could pitch this dessert. So if you haven't decided to make this yet, I'm also throwing in… Continue reading The Best Chocolate​ Pudding


Banoffee Crepes

Who doesn't love banoffee? Banoffee was my second post on this blog. Looking back at these last couple of months, I don't think I have enjoyed cooking more. I love sharing recipes and it helps me stay motivated to be more creative. This dish is one such! It starts with a basic crepe! And then… Continue reading Banoffee Crepes


Fish Cutlets

What I look for in a fish cutlet- The proportion of fish should be higher than the potatoes. The fish should be very flavourful and should be super crunchy on the outside and juicy and moist inside. This recipe gives exactly that. I have used Anchovies here, mainly because the fish flavour will not get… Continue reading Fish Cutlets


Pizza Toppings

There are the usual classics Margherita Pizzas and pepperonis. Then there are Freak shakes of the Pizza worlds with All sorts of combinations of vegetables and meat. These pizza toppings fall in between the classic and the latter. The Veg tikka pizza is made of two components other than the pizza base and the cheese which… Continue reading Pizza Toppings


Multigrain Pizza dough

Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizzas!! The overloaded cheese, that thick tangy tomato sauce at the bottom and that seriously unhealthy buttery pizza base that’ll make you fat by just looking at it! Yum! The fillings are endless. Grilled chicken, seafood, paneer, marinated mushrooms, sweet corn, paprika, pineapple. Sometimes, just a simple cheese pizza will also… Continue reading Multigrain Pizza dough


Coconut Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa

Shrimp is one of my favourites. So is coconut. Here, in Kerala, almost all dishes have coconut in them. Coconut gives a beautiful savoury kind of sweetness to any dish. Coconuts are extremely versatile. They're great in savoury dishes as well as in desserts. Coking with coconut is also very simple. You can use almost any… Continue reading Coconut Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa