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Traditional Tiramisu

As much as I am a huge fan of easy desserts and deconstructed desserts, I feel like people have gone overboard with changing Tiramisus. There are eggless versions and 15-minute versions, Lemon tiramisus now and Tiramisu Cheesecakes and what not. Nothing can beat a good old traditional Tiramisu. I used to think a Tiramisu didn't… Continue reading Traditional Tiramisu


Panna Cotta

I first had Panna Cotta when I was studying in Chennai. There was this cute little then-new restaurant called Tuscana which served the best Italian food in the city. After classes, we would go there just to eat their desserts- Panna Cotta and Tiramisu. The Panna Cotta there was really really creamy and had just… Continue reading Panna Cotta


Mushroom and Onion Pizza

For the mushroom and onion pizza, all you need are a few elements. And the variations are endless. You can use as many or as little of the variations, but adding everything gives a complete experience. The variations of onions include sauteed, caramelised and raw that gets roasted in the oven. The Mushrooms I have… Continue reading Mushroom and Onion Pizza


Pizza Toppings

There are the usual classics Margherita Pizzas and pepperonis. Then there are Freak shakes of the Pizza worlds with All sorts of combinations of vegetables and meat. These pizza toppings fall in between the classic and the latter. The Veg tikka pizza is made of two components other than the pizza base and the cheese which… Continue reading Pizza Toppings


Multigrain Pizza dough

Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizzas!! The overloaded cheese, that thick tangy tomato sauce at the bottom and that seriously unhealthy buttery pizza base that’ll make you fat by just looking at it! Yum! The fillings are endless. Grilled chicken, seafood, paneer, marinated mushrooms, sweet corn, paprika, pineapple. Sometimes, just a simple cheese pizza will also… Continue reading Multigrain Pizza dough