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Sticky Rice With Mango and Coconut

I don't know when I grew fond of this dessert, but there was a time when I did not like it. Not I love it, and with my coconut caramel sauce, you'll love it too, if you don't already. I always thought of rice as savoury and could never understand cooked rice that we normally… Continue reading Sticky Rice With Mango and Coconut

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Mango Jelly

It is finally mango season here. I love mangoes. I cannot wait to cook with mangoes. So many recipes running in my mind already. For now, here is a very simple Mango jelly recipe that I used for my Sticky rice and Mango dessert. I will share the recipe for that too, very soon. Combine… Continue reading Mango Jelly


Strawberry Rice Pudding

Rissi Frutti was this brilliant snack that every supermarket had in Gothenburg, Sweden. Brilliant, you ask? Yes, Brilliant. It was this delicious snack made with rice, a kind of rice pudding. It was super cheap, came in 2 sizes and the packaging made it extremely travel-friendly.  Simple sweetened vanilla flavoured rice pudding. Light, yet so… Continue reading Strawberry Rice Pudding


Panna Cotta

I first had Panna Cotta when I was studying in Chennai. There was this cute little then-new restaurant called Tuscana which served the best Italian food in the city. After classes, we would go there just to eat their desserts- Panna Cotta and Tiramisu. The Panna Cotta there was really really creamy and had just… Continue reading Panna Cotta


White chocolate mousse

My determination to make white chocolate mousse rose when I decided to make a white chocolate mousse cake for my birthday. Milk chocolate has always, and will always be my favourite. But lately, I find myself drawn to white chocolate. The combination of white chocolate, whipped cream and almonds sounded really good to me. So… Continue reading White chocolate mousse