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Mango Hummann

I don't know if this falls in the dessert category. To me, this is sometimes an entire meal, a snack or sometimes a dessert. It is sweet, spicy, and tangy. This is my most favourite dish from my childhood. Every time I have this, it takes me back right to my childhood. Its a spicy,… Continue reading Mango Hummann


Roasted Beetroot and Feta Flatbread

This is the perfect sweet and salty combination. Beetroots are naturally sweet and roasting them enhanced that sweetness. I always wanted to make a dish with this pairing. Something that is easy to make but is super delicious. My mind jumped from tarts to puff pastries and to quiches just to accommodate this combination. But… Continue reading Roasted Beetroot and Feta Flatbread


Chocolate Strawberry Hand Pies

These are my latest obsession. These palm-sized closed pies are loaded with delicious fresh strawberries and lots of chocolate chips- a mix of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The pie crust bakes to a golden brown buttery perfection that melts in your mouth. They're amazing to eat hot, right out of the oven with the cooked… Continue reading Chocolate Strawberry Hand Pies


Banoffee Crepes

Who doesn't love banoffee? Banoffee was my second post on this blog. Looking back at these last couple of months, I don't think I have enjoyed cooking more. I love sharing recipes and it helps me stay motivated to be more creative. This dish is one such! It starts with a basic crepe! And then… Continue reading Banoffee Crepes


Fish Cutlets

What I look for in a fish cutlet- The proportion of fish should be higher than the potatoes. The fish should be very flavourful and should be super crunchy on the outside and juicy and moist inside. This recipe gives exactly that. I have used Anchovies here, mainly because the fish flavour will not get… Continue reading Fish Cutlets