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Deep Fried Sardines

I will keep the description short for this one. These are super crispy, spicy and juicy inside. They take 30 minutes or less to make, including the marination time. They go really well plain rice and a mild curry. I love to include this when im having this fish curry. To make the marinade, mix… Continue reading Deep Fried Sardines


Pepper Chicken Masala

If you google the recipe for Kerala style pepper chicken, you'll find millions of recipes. 9 out of 10 recipes will call for the same spices and more or less the same style of preparation. Some traditional recipes just don't get outdated. My version of pepper chicken calls for similar spices. But its much simpler. My… Continue reading Pepper Chicken Masala


Idli fry

I have a love hate relationship with idlis. Unless they're cottony soft and spongy, I hate them. But otherwise I love them. I love them specifically with the white coconut chutney and the sambar with shallots. The sambar has to be very spicy with lots of tamarind and a hint of sweetness, but not too… Continue reading Idli fry