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Mini Mint and Potato Samosas

Who doesn't love samosas with tea in the evening? These deep fried golden brown flaky pastries are filled with potatoes and are just the perfect accompaniment with tea or even as a starter at casual dinner parties. Not just potatoes, there are so many options for fillings right from something as basic as onions, peas, and… Continue reading Mini Mint and Potato Samosas


Banoffee Crepes

Who doesn't love banoffee? Banoffee was my second post on this blog. Looking back at these last couple of months, I don't think I have enjoyed cooking more. I love sharing recipes and it helps me stay motivated to be more creative. This dish is one such! It starts with a basic crepe! And then… Continue reading Banoffee Crepes


Onion relish

This onion relish is almost an Indianised version of a caramelised onion jam. It tastes amazing with Tikkas, as a spread for Khatti rolls or just on some bread. Its buttery, sweet from the onion caramelisation and raisins and spicy from the peppercorns. It stores amazingly too in the refrigerator for 10- 14 days. So… Continue reading Onion relish


My black pepper yogurt dressing

There was a time I used to hate yogurt. Then my sister made me try the black pepper yogurt at Subway. This dressing is totally inspired from that. Well, It tastes nowhere to the subway dressing, but it's still delicious. It's great for side salads or even for an entire meal. Or better yet, as… Continue reading My black pepper yogurt dressing