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My Go To Flaky Pastry Crust

This is the only recipe I have for a pastry crust. This is the most basic pie crust recipe. I use it for everything, sweet pies, savoury tarts, cookies etc. The only change I make to this is the additions or subtractions of sugar. For savoury dishes, I omit the sugar, and increase the salt,… Continue reading My Go To Flaky Pastry Crust


Easiest Shortbread Ever

This shortbread recipe saved my life. I have been on the hunt for a tart base thats easy to make but still tastes delicious. This recipe has only three ingredients, which Im sure you'll have at home all the time. Sugar, Flour and butter. The dough, Oh, so forgiving. Unlike many other tart bases and… Continue reading Easiest Shortbread Ever